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Welcome to North America’s gateway to innovation. The Ontario Technology Corridor offers excellent growth opportunities, a low-risk business environment, and generous R&D tax credits that are the envy of other G7 countries.

Employing nearly 260,000 people among 6,400 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies in the Greater Toronto area, Ottawa region, Waterloo region, City of London and Niagara region, and in partnership with the province of Ontario's Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation as well as the federal government's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, the Ontario Technology Corridor offers one of the world's best educated, motivated and stable workforces. These people all have unique stories to tell about living, working and playing in a part of Canada that celebrates technology talent and entrepreneurial spirit like no other. 

Please explore this site's contributed blog posts and videos, presentations and brochures. If you are building your technology business in Ontario, please participate and add your story. If you are not yet enjoying the many benefits of locating your tech company in Ontario, then check out the incentive programs and contact the Ontario Technology Corridor team today!


25 million consumers each month use Autodata Solutions’ web-based tools for online vehicle research

Based in London, Ontario, Autodata Solutions helps auto manufacturers and fleet companies streamline sales, marketing and technology activities

Beginning with a handful of employees in a small London plaza over 15 years ago, Autodata Solutions, Inc., headquartered in London, Ontario, with presence in Toronto, Ontario, has grown to more than 225 employees working in Canada and the United States. Today more than 25 million consumers each month use Autodata’s web-based tools to complete their online vehicle research, configurations and comparisons. With excellent growth prospects in existing markets, the company is sending the message that things are just getting started.

If you’ve bought a car recently, you’ve probably done your initial research online. And, if like an increasing number of consumers, you have compared vehicles, specifications and built your new car online, the information you used to make a buying decision was likely the result of Autodata Solutions’ work.

Based in London, Ontario, Autodata Solutions provides information technology (IT) solutions and professional services to auto manufacturers and fleet companies, enabling them to streamline and automate their sales, marketing and technology activities. Evolving from a vehicle data provider with a focus on content aggregation, Autodata has become a leading provider of web technology and custom-built solutions that respond to the automotive industry’s changing business needs.

As a North American enterprise and ecommerce partner to the world’s foremost automotive brands ranging from Acura to Volvo, Autodata delivers market analytics, product planning and training, vehicle configuration management, lead management, order placement, and in-dealership retail systems. Many automotive clients use Autodata’s technology and data-enabled solutions to power consumer-facing, competitive comparison web sites.

Why Ontario

With a head office in London, Ontario, Autodata Solutions has easy access to both Canadian and U.S. markets, allowing the company to effectively serve its expanding North American client base. The London area also boasts excellent access to several world-class universities, colleges, and an enriching, rewarding environment in which to live.

Being a high-tech hub, Ontario offers companies the opportunity to benefit from a wealth of business and technology professionals with diverse skills, knowledge and expertise. The central Ontario location has in part helped Autodata Solutions become the dynamic, entrepreneurial company it is today.

Business advantage

Autodata Solutions responds to market demands and enables the auto industry to upgrade to web-centric business practices. Extensive OEM knowledge helps the company outpace larger technology providers in the industry and Autodata is equipped to build innovative technology solutions uniquely adapted to the automotive sector.

The combination of an increased consumer preference for online vehicle research and commerce and Autodata’s demonstrated expertise in web-based and data-enabled solutions positions the company as a choice supplier in a changing market. Autodata delivers many ebusiness tools, content platforms and a wide variety of technology to an increasing number of automotive clients, helping them improve both their sales chain effectiveness and profit potential. Solutions include:

  • eCommerce – Over 25 million consumers per month use Autodata’s software tools and vehicle data in North America to complete their online vehicle research.
  • Retail – Approximately 4,000 new vehicle dealerships across North America use applications and software modules built and maintained by Autodata on behalf of applicable original equipment manufacturers (OEM).
  • Market Planning – Product, pricing and incentive planners at 75% of all OEMs in North America use one or more of Autodata’s suite of market planning and analysis tools.
  • Vehicle Ordering – With engagements at manufacturers’ and national fleet companies, Autodata’s software tools execute 4 million of the approximately 13 million new vehicle orders in the U.S. each year.
  • Vehicle Content Syndication – Through a data syndication group, most industry intermediaries use Autodata’s vehicle content. Using reseller programs, dozens of specialty dealer management system providers sublicense Autodata’s tools and vehicle data to over 10,000 automotive dealers in the U.S. and Canada.

Future growth plans

Autodata Solutions plans to continue building on its solid reputation as a leading provider of industry expertise, technology platforms, professional services and data. With the ongoing growth of personnel, technology and clients, Autodata Solutions anticipates participating in increasingly high-profile projects that will shape the future of automotive ecommerce.

Excellent growth opportunities in existing markets are fueling the continued addition of talented business and technology professionals to the Autodata Solutions team.

Contact information

Autodata Solutions, Inc.

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Marketcircle’s growth opportunity: 90% of all firms are small businesses, looking to increase productivity

As Apple’s strong iPhone and Mac sales grow, Marketcircle’s business software adoption continues to increase

Marketcircle Inc. develops award-winning business applications for Apple Inc.’s successful operating system, Mac OS X. Marketcircle’s Mac business management software helps transform Mac computers and Apple’s iPhone and iPod into small business productivity machines. Marketcircle’s products include Daylite Productivity Suite, Daylite Touch, Daylite Mail Integration Module (DMI) and Billings.

Incorporated in 1999, Marketcircle is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with partners and customers worldwide. Daylite Productivity Suite is designed to help companies win more business and deliver better on promises. Providing integrated tools and processes that identify and qualify opportunities while managing projects, calendars and contacts, Daylite is the core of small Mac-based businesses of 1-50 people. Billings is an indispensable desktop time tracking and invoicing application and creates stunning, templated or original, invoices for self-employed professionals and freelancers working on contract.

Why Ontario

Backbone Magazine, Canada’s national business, technology and lifestyle publication, reports that sixteen of the top 25 companies in Canada are from Ontario. The World Economic Forum has ranked Canada’s banking system the healthiest in the world.

Toronto is Canada’s finance, media and entertainment centre. Richard Florida, author of best-selling books about global economy and a regular contributor to publications and programs such as The Globe and Mail, The New York Times, The Harvard Business Review, BBC and CBS, forecasts Toronto will be among the world’s fastest-growing business sectors over the next generation. “Toronto’s fresh energy places it among the world’s most powerful urban centres. It has the ability to attract people from all over the world.” Toronto offers an abundance of technological expertise and more social stability and ethnic diversity than most North American super-cities.

Ontario is home to strong support organizations and world-class research and development facilities serving the province’s entrepreneurs. An example, Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) Inc. drives commercialization of cutting-edge research and offers programs such as the Investment Accelerator Fund to provide eligible technology-based start-ups with up to $500K in seed investment.

Marketcircle recently outgrew its original office and moved its world-class software development operation to a bigger space in Markham, part of the Greater Toronto Area. Marketcircle CEO Alykhan Jetha, with well-established roots in Toronto’s business community, would not locate his company anywhere else. Marketcircle’s employees enjoy access to Canada’s comprehensive, public healthcare system and the vibrant Toronto lifestyle.

Business advantage

Mac OS X (including iPhone) made up 10.41% of systems in use in Jan. 2009. Windows’ share declined slightly the month before. Said Arik Hesseldahl, in the Feb. 2009 issue of BusinessWeek, “This is a good indicator for growth at Apple, despite the downturn. Apple is still an early platform adoption story with plenty of headroom for growth, driven by the iPhone and Mac.”

As an Apple business partner, Marketcircle’s successes soar alongside Apple’s. Marketcircle’s business software and its newest offering – Macworld 2009 Best of Show winner, Daylite Touch for iPhone – sell across North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and into Singapore and South Africa.

Both Apple and Marketcircle focus on the needs of small business and eager start-ups. The U.S. Census Bureau reports 98% of all U.S. firms employ less than 100 people and 90% have less than 20 employees. These small businesses are responsible for 97% of all new jobs in the U.S.

Marketcircle creates a number of connectors linking Daylite software to other small business boosting products, such as FileMaker Inc.’s database software and MYOB Limited’s AccountEdge package. By integrating with other small business software, Marketcircle manages its expansion into a still growing customer base.

Future growth plans

Mobile computing is on the rise. Marketcircle is poised to meet this trend. Daylite Touch, for iPhone and iPod touch, brings the unique collaborative and productivity benefits of Daylite to the mobile masses. “Daylite Touch is offered as the most advanced and cost effective small business productivity platform,” says CEO Alykhan Jetha. “Leveraging the legendary ease of use of the Mac and iPhone, Daylite Touch users become more competitive.”

Daylite Touch syncs over the air with 3G, Wi-Fi, or 2G EDGE and offers a more distinctive set of collaborative features than either Microsoft’s Exchange or Apple’s MobileMe.


Marketcircle Inc.

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